A temporary lull..

The online Mini Match multiplayer group was divided recently.  Players were separated into 2 groups and so there should be a bit of a lull for a few days while the new players ‘graduate’ from the safe zone.

This will hit us with a minor slowdown in the ‘random opponent’ stream but the eventual end result will be more new players sticking around as they gain some confidence and get their ‘combat legs’ so to speak.

If you are in the safety zone waiting for a matchup and find things a bit slow try entering the ‘random opponent’ group.  It will be more brutal but suffering a couple battles in that harder group will teach you well and likely have you dominating all your safety zone matches.

So to do that you tap the ‘safety zone’ tab and it will cycle to the ‘random opponent’ tab.  After you do that, then hit the ‘create Mini Match’.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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