Musket Smoke players speak out.

I was just looking through some of the reviews from various countries.   Trying to generate some energy for my next batch of programming when I realized that my ultimate goal with this game has been publicly stated.  I also wanted a game with enormous tactical options, that was quick and easy to pick up and fun to play. 

There are not a LOT of you sharing what you think of the game, but for those of you who did – thank you very much.  It makes it all that much more worth it.  Here is what some of you are saying from around the world. 


(Germany)  “Super strategy game that despite the simple preparation for enormous tactical options!”

(Germany) “This is one of the best strategy games I’ve played in the last few years .. A bit of chess, a bit Stratego and is yet very new ..”

(US) “Musket smoke may look a very simple game with regards to its graphics and maps. But do not let this fool you into thinking that this also applies to the gameplay. Minutes to learn but weeks to master the strategy of the game and the tactics that you can leverage are astounding. Charging through smoke unseen by your enemy or flanking an enemy unit and butchering his troops enmass – phenomenally entertaining stuff!”

(Ireland) “This is the first game that have regularly played online matches. While the mechanics are quite simple, you can really get yourself into to some interesting situations, especially when playing the campaign.”

(Germany) “Seems simple at first glance, but at second glance turns out this game as a strategic, round-based strategy game … Who loves it with his favorite drink in peace weigh all options to try out individual solutions, while relaxing on the couch at sit and then burning it waits his opponent makes his turn, this game is highly recommended !!!”

(US) “This is a war game that with a clever economy of mechanisms makes cannons, musketeers, pikemen, and cavalry feel like cannons, musketeers, pikemen and cavalry. I like the non-random determinative damage system, the importance of maneuver, and the variety of the battlefields and tactical challenges. The online matches are tense, full of interesting decisions, and I find myself eagerly awaiting my next turn.”

(Austria) “I wouldn’t mind more FOW and not sure about the lack of randomness – beside mortar fire.
But show me a better wargame today!”

(US) “Hands down the most fun game I have played on the iPad period. I’m a sucker for historical wargames and musket smoke is one of the best I have played virtual or otherwise. I enjoy it so much, I plan on making some chits and buying a hex board to play it on table top!”

(Canada) “One of the best strategy titles available for the iPad. Immense amounts of strategy, replayablity and detail. One of the few must have titles of strategy gamers”

(Portugal) “Recomended game.. Very Nice for strategy game players”

(UK) “Could do with more campaigns but very enjoyable”

(Croatia) “Real Strategy. Great game for the strategy gamers.”

(Greece) “Fast, easy, deep. recommended!”

(Japan) “This is without a doubt one of the most fun and most polished, with deep strategy, but easy-to-get-into-gameplay turn-based stragegy games around. And the async multiplayer is seamless.”



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