Musket Smoke, 1.86 update

Merry Christmas!

Update Details:

  • A new map added for Mini Matches.
  • Campaign’s first battle artillery units changed.
  • Training mode is no longer enforced.
  • iPhone X UI updated.
  • Removed video recording ability.
  • Rematch button added.

Thank you everyone for your patience. I finally managed to get some free time to address my hobby app – Musket Smoke.

I will probably add more maps later as well. I just wanted to get this one out quickly to fix the iPhone X UI issues first.

The first battle of the campaign should be a little less defensive now without the howitzer and siege cannon. I’m looking forward to trying that out and also the new Mini match map that should be an interesting open map fight.

I’ve had a few reports of people abusing the enforced training mode. So that has been removed. Also I didn’t mind removing it since it seemed to annoy more people than it helped.

Now that iOS 11 can easily record any app we no longer need that video record feature. I don’t think anyone was using it anyways. So I re-added the old rematch button that used to be there. If you have multiple matches going on the rematch button might sometimes decide to match you with one of them instead of the last person in that particular match. Let’s just call that an intended feature for now.

Hopefully everyone is doing good, and having a decent holiday.