This is the (alpha/beta) test and dev forum.  Some of the strategy info in there is outdated but it’s still a good place to report bugs, give feedback or first impressions.

We are happy to get your words – from any language.  English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, German, etc..   We will use google translate to respond.

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    • Thanks! Those are iOS system alerts. You likely have that volume separate from app volume control.

      Go into Settings, Sounds (Ringer and ALERTS) slider control.
      The button beside that called ‘Change with Buttons’ – turn it off.

      This lets you control notification sound volume with that slider control there.

  1. Hey guys. Loving the game, bought the campaign pack, still enjoying it… just recently though, I’ve been playing through a campaign, got to the third engagement and was half way through the battle, but now I cannot send my turn. The game’s still on my list, and it has remembered my moves, but it crashes every time I hit end turn. Is there something I can be doing on my end? I’ve tried closing the app and deleting history but it has done nothing. Any help would be much appreciated, would love to keep enjoying the game.

    • That’s the first serious game breaker bug that I have heard of. It sounds like you may have got a corrupt file after a connection issue or perhaps you exited the game before hitting end turn? The only thing I can think of for this is to delete and re-install the app. But if you do that you will lose your history and reputation as that is not hooked up to Game Center yet. Also there is no guarantee that deleting and re-installing will fix the match if a corrupt file has been sent from your opponent.

      I am working on an update that will be submitted in a few days. Sorry about that match.

      I’ve played hundreds of matches and have not had that issue, so you must have just been very unlucky. If you have more info or details about this please post it on the forum and we can further the conversation.

      I have heard of recently was when you grape shot a disorganized cavalry unit (after a charge) with a siege cannon at range 2 that an issue can happen as well. Let me know if that’s what happened.


  2. Just a general comment about unsportsmenship on MS…. I have oticed that top players whom are very active tend to stop playing campaign games that they are losing. It’s very frustrating when you are getting the better of a highly ranked player and they just let the game go to time out. I am feeling that if a game times out then it should count as a win for the player that is actively engaged in playing MS! Just a suggestion…… Keep up the good work – I am loving the updates.

    • It could be they went on vacation or something, but I hear you.

      After 3 days (the match displays ‘timeout ?’ and you can quit the match and you will gain 1 point in the rankings. It’s not as good as the usual 2-4 points you get, but it’s better than nothing. It’s a hard call if we should give more points as that would be unfair in some cases, but I will try to think of something.

      I usually wait a couple extra days incase it was truly just a short vacation, especially if it’s a regular player that I know.

      Thanks for the feedback here!

      If anyone else suspects cheating (or bugs) feel free to email me at snowpunchgames. It’s a gmail account. (Especially if it happens more than once with the same opponent.)

  3. If the creator, Woody, has half a heart (and cohonas for that matter) then he would enlighten the other 7/8s of the world by porting and/or programming this masterpiece to the Android system…….think if the revenue! But maybe it’s beyond his skill level? Not enough time? Maybe too lazy?
    I have faith in you man! Bring some intelligence to the other side eh?

  4. Sorry Slayyer. Not going to happen. I’m an iOS specialist. Keep you Android phone but buy an iPad mini and play that way if you miss the game so much. 😉

  5. This is such a great game! Unfortunately, I am stuck with games in Timeout because the opponent just does not play anymore because they will lose. What can we do about this?????

    • Hey Benoit, yeah we can’t force a new player who doesn’t like losing to keep playing. There should be a mechanism in there that awards you a technical win if you wait over 3 days. The match will change from ‘WAIT’ to ‘TIMEOUT’ and then you can delete the game listing and be awarded some points.

      • IMHO not responding to a game for more than week should automatically default to a loss. This will prevent players that are losing a game and just stop playing it instead.

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