Musket Smoke fights on..

A small group of dedicated players are currently entrenched. They are surrounded by hordes of new would be commanders who hope to join the elite ranks. Only a few break though.. but those that do become experienced veteran commanders. When two veteran commanders meet in the Campaign – it’s always fascinating to see how things turn out as each side continually fine tunes that line between risky/bold and tempered patience.

There is definitely room for more top Commanders. There is no limit in the game. It solely depends upon perseverance and a willingness to endure the trenches of learning. Each loss a new commander endures is a peal of wisdom that will help all future battles. Collect your losses, steel your nerves, thicken you skin and practice with as many different commanders as possible and you will rise. You only need a steady resolve to endure. The rest all falls into place with lots of one on one experience. Don’t depend upon solo training to get you to the level you need. You need to learn how various different commanders will come at you. That’s the real training.

If you find some commanders in the mini-matches too focused on defensive play, then try the Campaign. The campaign was specifically designed to better reward aggressive play, but a healthy balance between aggressive and defensive is always best. I personally like to to tactically flip between defensive and aggressive play almost at random. It’s a good way to surprise your opponents as much as possible.

I love this game. It was a passion to make and I hope to get back to making more games in the future. Right now I’m pushing my abilities as a developer and trying new thing in iOS development. The non-game iOS development world is also interesting. It’s good to sharpen ALL your weapons.

I sometimes play random online matches when I get breaks from work.

Good luck.