New Users! Try a Mini Match.

Only 9% of new users are trying the core feature – on-line play.   That is not a great statistic, because Musket Smoke is 95% focused on online play.  

You are missing out on a grand experience if you ignore the core feature of Musket Smoke.  You are NOT going to be destroyed by experienced players because we now have a ‘Safe New User Zone’.  

This new safety zone is a beta feature and you might have to wait a while for a matchup so start-up a match before you do anything.  Dive right in.  Likely you will have to wait for your opponent so that will give you time while you read the manual or do the tutorial or play some solo rounds vs the AI in the solo training area.  If you are lucky and don’t have to wait then enjoy playing someone from anywhere in the world.  Someone with the same experience level as yourself.  It will be a blast!

Just don’t forget to use ‘Undo’ lots (for mini matches).  Try different attack combos.  Order of attack is important so if you are new you should be hitting undo at least a dozen times per round.  This is part of your training and the best way to get a sense of what’s possible with each unit.

Without buying anything, new players can start up to 3 online matches.  If one match is going too slow or has stalled, start another.  Or start all three.  This way you get to experience the round-to-round battle reports and see how the evolving ‘Round Summary’ looks after each turn.  This will give you a great over-view perspective of Musket Smoke and will help things in the manual and tutorial make more sense.

Just do it.  Start some online Mini Matches.  It’s the fastest an funnest way to learn Musket Smoke.

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