iOS 10 has changed some things..


I like that you can drag down your iOS 10 notification to read the entire damage report now. (Or 3D touch if it’s on the lock screen.) This is a welcome change.

Also some of you may not be aware but iOS 10 Game Center has made some radical changes.

  • No more Game Center App.
  • Apple is phasing out the ‘Friends’ paradigm.
  • Friends (and recent opponents) are still there found in ‘Recents’ so you can still start friendly matches, but you can no longer make ‘new friends’.
  • No changes to ‘random’ matches.

The system in iOS 10 replacing friends requires iCloud to be turned on and lets you send a match request to anyone via email, or iMessage, or whatever social media. If the person receiving the match request doesn’t have the game they get directed to the App Store.

The help video in the game is now obsolete with iOS 10 and needs to be replaced.

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