A Summary of recent changes.

You can see what is in 1.84 in the next update section.

Summary (includes 1.81-1.84)

  • New player training zone. If your units get disabled then you are not training the new player correctly. Read the mini guide.
  • You can once again attack and fall back, unless your attack kills an SF unit.
  • No rain.
  • Individual campaign battles can potentially award 1 ELO point.
  • Duke Mentor leaderboard – for Mentor Matches.
  • No more muzzle smoke from Artillery.
  • Toned down artillery in campaign. Added SF Cavalry.
  • New players can start 7 free Mini Matches.


I’m now done with the tweaking and changes. Likely this build will be it, unless there is a bug that can’t wait. Don’t be shy about sending me an email if you have any questions or concerns.


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