Cavalry Reinforcements!

Well.. just for new players. This update (1.71) is an experiment to see if we can make things more interesting for both new and old players. (The update also fixes some bugs)

The attempted solution here is to give these new players more units as a handicap. Not for long mind you. Just until they get their battle legs.

For campaigns this is only until the player gets 30 pie pieces (total). So for example if they kill 20 men in mini matches and win one battle in the campaign they will have 30 pie pieces. Then the handicap will no longer apply moving forward with the campaign.

For the Mini-Matches this works a bit differently. If the player has 200 pie pieces or less they get 1 extra cavalry unit.

Regardless, if the new player doesn’t want the handicap they can turn it off by simply turning it off in the options.

For the campaign the handicap doesn’t apply every battle and just adds 4 cavalry units with +1 confidence. Some of you may know this boost as what happens when one side has little or no SF units left and the other side has lots. It’s the same bonus rule only being activated now for new players to give them a fighting chance.

Again this is a big experiment. It might be not enough, it might be too much. 1.72 will likely adjust things or remove it if it turns out this was a bad idea.

I think it will be interesting. As a seasoned player I welcome the challenge of a larger army with a less experienced commander. The scoring hasn’t changed. You still win with 10 kills in a Mini Match regardless of how many units are still galloping around.

Feel free to email me with any stories of how things go with this experimental auto handicap. I need the feedback if you want things to be tweaked.


2 responses to “Cavalry Reinforcements!

  1. Ok Woodie, this sounds encouraging. I’m one of those newbies you mention–I just discovered your field of gleeful havoc and have been rummaging through the solo affairs, learning that charging hastily forth unto battle is fatal, and that running away is not at all overrated. The prospects of coming up against Grizzled Commanders is .. er .. well, lets just say an extra cav unit or three might not be enough. We’ll see. 🙂

    And yes, the 1.7 iPhone 6 updates are helpful.

    • Very glad to hear that the cavalry update sounds encouraging for new players. That was the goal. I know facing experienced players can seem daunting.

      The extra units will definitely help. 1-3 at first, followed by a much longer term of just one extra unit.

      I hope you let me know how it goes.

      In reality, there are a few simple lessons to learn and then the rest is entirely upon your creative thoughts and problem solving. You will think you have learned all there is to know but there is always at least 3 more things that you learn the hard way vs playing with people.

      Nothing teaches quicker or better than re-watching a replay of a Grizzled commander at work. Those are the gems.

      Start some matches. Collect a bunch of these knowledge gems and you will be home free.

      But it won’t happen immediately.

      Some people might still be at work (or in a different time zone) or sleeping so starting a match might not get action until the next day.

      So make sure you have your games queued up and waiting for action while you practice in the solo arena.

      Good luck!

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