New Player Training Zone!

In the 1.82 update all new players will be able to defeat at least 5 units on the battlefield.

That’s what the new button in options guarantees. ‘New player Training Zone’ disables bases and enemy attacks (every way to score) when the opponent starts a round with more points than the new player.

This button option is universal and applies to all players, including other players and even Dukes. Both sides could use it if they wanted, which would just guarantee both sides get at least 5 points.

The ‘New Player training Zone’ will make several of your first matches in our friendly little Mini Match arena – a very good first experience.

It will give you lots of hands-on experience with flanking, routing, charging, cannon fire, musket fire and grape shot. Plus a stronger sense of morale as these matches will have on average more unit routs and kills than a normal match with a new player. As a new player it’s important that YOU do more killing/routing to get stronger sense of what the game is all about.

You don’t need to know how all this works but for the curious I’ll explain below.

In any round, we have two possible states:

  • Normal mode, when any unit kill/rout is ok. The scores are within bounds.
  • Protected mode when one player has lost the ability to attack. They can still move though.

The way we ensure a new player get to experience no less than 5 kills works like this. You can not score more than 1 above the new player.

If both players are using the protected mode then the same thing happens for both sides. When a player with training mode on reaches 5 points the protected mode ends and normal play resumes. The second half of the match is just a normal mini-match.

The emphasis of this training exercise is unit killing. There will likely be no bases unless the training mode is started after round 3.

On a related note, we currently have a friendly competition for our Grand Dukes to be Mentors for new players. The senior players even have their own leaderboard ‘Duke Mentors’. A Mentor Match is something that would happen in the second half of the match after the protected mode has completed it’s mission and the new player already has his 5 kills.

It has never been a better time to be a new player in Musket Smoke.

Welcome to our online Community!

“The whole art of war consists in a well-reasoned and extremely circumspect defensive, followed by a rapid and audacious attack.” – Napoléon Bonaparte

So what are you waiting for?

Form up your troops and don’t forget to flank!

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