Dukes vs New Players – The perfect match?

Yes. It’s now the perfect match.

I needed more time before releasing 1.81. I wanted to add some more subtle refinements and do more testing in my spare time (after dinner usually). However GeneralVimes was having issues so I pushed this build out quickly (edit: Apologies to GeneralVimes for the delay. Apple took a long time to review the update.)

Recently I have been mulling over our biggest problem. Community growth, and the likely sore spot that was causing the most issues. The Duke vs New player problem nagged at me for a long time. It’s not fun killing new players, and it’s not fun getting your ass kicked by a Duke. The recent cavalry handicap was a step in the right direction but I wanted a real solution, not just a bandaid.

So I created the Concept of Mentor Matches. Which is just a mini match where one player is ranked Lance or less and the other is a Grand Duke. The Duke is supposed to not play as hard as they can ‘like they are accustomed to’ and to instead play causally and help the new player in the match rack up as many unit kills as possible.

It’s a bit of a tough balancing act for the Duke because he is also supposed to win the match in order to get his Mentor Points. This makes the match better for both new player and also gives the Duke a challenging problem to nibble upon.  (How to elevate the new players score as high as possible, but still win.)

Mentor Matches are just one part of a serious three pronged attack to help new players and community growth. The first 2 parts are done.

  • A handicap feature that gives an extra unit when turned on.
  • Mentor Matches – A new friendly competition for our Grand Dukes to boost new player ‘unit kills experience’ in exchange for Mentor Points.

The third part is the ‘New Player Protection Zone’ (sandbox playground in first half of the match) which just makes sure the new player gets to experience killing at least 5 units per match.

For more information about a Mentor Match, read the FAQ.


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