Extra bases for Mini Maps in new update 1.60.

7 Mini Maps have been modified and now have extra bases.

This 1.60 update was just supposed to be a quick bug fix. A brief maintenance update. But then I noticed some low hanging fruit. Adding/removing bases is quick and simple, so why not shake things up a bit?

Keep in mind that this is just an experiment.

Try to play each map at least a few times before you give me your feedback on if you like the changes or not.

The NEXT update (1.61-not scheduled yet) will finalize, modify or remove these changes. So remove the extra bases (same as before) or make the number random. So for example – a map might have 0-2 bases per side (mirrored).

Hopefully these changes bring new types of battle situations and require the exploring of alternate tactics.

Happy Hunting!

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