Today! Musket Smoke II Online Async Matches – for Kickstarter backers!

A pledge of 7 dollars will get you the full game and access to gory online battle testing!


This could be you – today!

Musket Smoke II has officially opened up Online Matches for Kickstarter backers.  Check it out!

If you think this is great, you should check out the plans for the Single Player Campaign!  (included at no extra cost)

If you are interested, pledge at least 7 dollars to the kickstarter and send the email of your Game Center account to me at my gmail account at ‘snowpunchgames’.

Note:  Play testing requires Apple’s free TestFlight App and iOS8.

(This is a good opportunity because if the kickstarter fails, the game will not be completed and you will not have to pay.  Which  means that you get to experience these online matches for free.  This could be your only chance to try this new game.)

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