Nothing like a good battle story.

Over the last year, once in a while someone would email me some tidbits about some Musket Smoke battle that they had with so-and-so.  I always deeply enjoy those stories (probably extra much because I’m the developer) and would like to hear more of them.  The new Musket Smoke Facebook page would be a great place for that.  Then others can comment and we could talk about things.

Many of us know each other (from the battlefields) so we all like to hear battles stories about two of our previous opponents duking it out.  Because WE KNOW THEM.  So the stories are familiar feeling and fun.

Facebook is also a good place to ask questions if anything confuses you about the game.  I’m always ready to answer questions.

It can be awkward for some of us to post.  I’m fairly shy myself so I know what that’s like.  But I think it could be good for our community of players.  Especially now that we have a surge of new players from both iPhone and also the kickstarter.  (Plus Keg Bearer just went free help with promotion)  I am sure some of these new players would enjoy the stories or even just some casual chatter about tactics on particular maps.

Sure I am also trying to plug MS and get the page activity up but I also really think it would be cool as the commenting on this blog can be a bit awkward or hard to find.  Facebook would be ideal.

Pics of battles would be also great, as well as videos.  Now with the latest Mac OS, you can plug in your iOS device (if you have the new little cord) and record high quality video using just the quick time player.  So I’ll probably start posting a short video of the odd interesting round from time to time.  It would be cool to collect and immortalize some of our rare and interesting moments on the battlefield.

I’ll go first and post a shot of me achieving my new years resolution.  Namely, beating Armin1962 on ‘The Ringer’ map. 🙂

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