Calling all Musket Smokers.. RALLY RALLY!!

OMG!!  We are dangerously low on Musket Smoke version 1.57 AppStore written reviews!

We all know the passion you have for Musket Smoke.  Especially me as I recently updated our Public Responses section with all your written App Store reviews.  I always get really pumped when reading that section. You should check out what your fellow commanders think about the game.  It’s inspiring!

This current situation is:  We currently only have written 7 reviews (world wide) for version 1.57.  4 from the US, 1 from Japan, 1 from Canada, and 1 from China.

This is important because snowpunch doesn’t want to go gently into that good night.  I’m pulling out all the stops to help Musket Smoke II get made:  ie:  iPhone support, a kickstarter, a Facebook page, and even that silly first game I made Keg Bearer just went free to help push us forward.

If you need further inspiration, listen to the Musket Smoke Ballad on the kickstarter page.  It’s a hoot!  Or check out my favourite review of Musket Smoke.

If you need even more inspiration for your AppStore written review masterpiece..  then check out the Public Response area.  But seriously just follow your heart, say it how it is – warts and all!   Let people know the game exists.  Let people know what you honestly think.

We all benefit from this. More commanders to play against, and snowpunch might not get Gore Piled!


I’ll leave you here with the Lyrics to the “Musket Smoke Ballad” by David Malinsky.   🙂

Oh, come all ye gamers, come hither and yon,
come cease all yer squabbling, there’s war to be won:
ye’ve battled with the Nazis, with rifle and tank
ye’ve tussled with Zombies with chainsaw and plank

But the times, they’re a changin, new fights to be fought
for the people are risin’ but the games, they are not.
put down them machine guns, starships and the like;
and take up the horse, musket, cannon and pike

For MUSKET SMOKE is the name of the game
For Gunsmoke’s the greatest of monsters to tame

Yer troops are assembled–they’ll move at yer call,
with swords and with lances, with powder and ball;
They’ll fight ’till they’re done for, most gallant of men,
unless you have sent them to die in a deathtrap again!

Be bold brave Commander, and bloodthirsty, too!
Yer rival’s a’waitin and aiming fer you!
Learn flanking and charging, the ways of the gun:
For a winner in war, there can be only one!

MUSKET SMOKE is the name of the game
For Gunsmoke’s the greatest of monsters to tame

No Romans, no Mongols, No Planes in the Skies;
Just yer wits will determine who lives and who dies!
Vict’ry comes to the thinkers, the swift and the brave;
Leave die-rolls and card games to fools and to knaves!

So come folks and join us, for barely a fee!
The lads have been waitin for you and for me!
Grab your phone and yer tablet with banners unfurl’d
Show ’em all that you are the best in the world!

Oh MUSKET SMOKE is the name of the game
For Gunsmoke’s the mightiest of monsters to tame

4 responses to “Calling all Musket Smokers.. RALLY RALLY!!

  1. Most game developers can only dream to get a review that deep, insightful and well spoken!

    I was in a fast food joint recently with an old friend. He was listening to the ballad (via my iPhone) with a smile that grew huge every time you laid heavy into the chorus. It was fantastic! The enthusiasm is addictive. Almost makes me wish I could sing! 🙂

    • Plus you also Act. Musket Smoke was deeply endorsed by the ex-director of the Naarden Vesting Museum (ancient, military, Dutch). Now we can add a New York Actor to that mix!

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