Musket Smoke on iPhone 6 plus

Musket Smoke is now available for iPhone.  I personally do not have one of these big cool phablets yet but I’m still pumped for those of you who do.  Or any iPhone except for perhaps iPhone 4’s.  iPhone 4’s did not fare well with Musket Smoke testing.  I haven’t tried the 4s.  I’m currently on a 5s and it runs great on that device.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 8.26.59 AM

We got our first iPhone 6 plus sale (Naarden) on day one.  That was cool.  🙂

I was initially hoping to launch Musket Smoke II on the iPhone first but I changed my mind recently and decided this might be a better move for Musket Smoke II. Making these games is ALSO a strategy game.  🙂

The 1.57 update also adds a mortar to the river battle in the Naarden Campaign.  There is also a bug fix that corrects the initial army sizes for campaign battles (as displayed in the end round dialog).

If you want to help support this new iOS battle front then nothing would be more appreciated than a 1.57 review in the App store.  If you have already reviewed then feel free to say the same thing again.  We just need to show these new iPhone downloaders that Musket Smoke has existing fans.  Veterans who love to battle!

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