Waves of fresh troops arriving.

The emergence of a new app store feature called ‘App Bundles’ forced me to tinker with the price of Musket Smoke.  Only paid apps can be in a bundle.  This experiment was mildly successful but we saw quite a drop in new players.

Now that the experiment is over the shift from being a paid app to a free app has also been caught by a number of automated web sites and thus we have a recent spike in new users.


It will probably take a week or so for them to get through the solo training area and then the ‘new player zone’.  Those that survive should help invigorate the Musket Smoke community with a fresh batch of new blood (and gore).

I’m also gearing up to boost Musket Smoke II development with a Kickstarter. The side effect of that effort might also produce a second wave of fresh troops for Musket Smoke Classic.

If that’s not enough on the recruitment front for you then take matters into your own hands and post an app store review or mention Musket Smoke online somewhere.  I know the cause here is not as nobel as say ‘fighting for democracy’ but I do seriously believe Musket Smoke stands out as a significant new direction for tactical wargaming.

This game IS worth fighting for as it stands in stark contrast to a multitude of other games that don’t offer intelligent tactical options or creative tactical freedom.  It is actually very hard to offer enormous tactical depth but keep the UI simple.

What can you do?

  1. App Store review.
  2. Mention “Musket Smoke” in online social media.
  3. Start more matches, and play more often.  Try to move up in the leaderboards.
  4. Be friendly to new players.  Help train them and turn them into worthy opponents that stick around.
  5. Share your battle stories or tactical videos.  We all enjoy to learn from other peoples battles.
  6. Help me focus on what’s good and what’s not.  Send feedback on what you think is the best and worst of Musket Smoke.
  7. Volunteer for Musket Smoke II alpha-testing.  (You play vs other testers and help suggest tactical adjustments).

One thing is for sure. You will not see a lot of developers following in my wake if this ship sinks.  I’m doing my part in this ‘mobile tactical revolution’ – the rest is up to you.

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