New players also have a voice.

The last pie results (in a previous post) show mostly what the vets want.  That is, improved multi-player. However, as ‘new player’ votes gradually trickle in each day – the pie is slowly changing.  The votes for Solo Play is growing.

This is to be expected as new players have less desire to fight other people mainly due to a lack of experience.  They want more solo play to help train.  As the developer I hate to see new player retention rates fall so I am heartened by these results as I work on Musket Smoke II.  A grand Solo Play experience is the highlight of Musket Smoke II, yet the game also enhances the online Multiplayer experience on all the fronts you see here in the pie.


In the meantime, I recommend new players heed the advice in a previous post. Your first few matches will likely be with players of your same level and will be much more enjoyable than the solo training.

Tactical skills learned in Musket Smoke will transfer over to Musket Smoke II.  So investing time in Musket Smoke Classic will definitely kick start your future conquests.

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