Behold! The new App Store 30 second “Video Previews”.

The App Store now has Video Previews – instead of just screen shots.  iOS developers can now display a 15-30 second video right beside the screen shots.

Do you have an app in the app store?  Then you better get your preview up or be left behind with your pants down!

This is the preview I am using at the moment for Musket Smoke.


If you are an app developer and want to add a quick easy App Store preview video then this is what you will need:

1) Update your device to iOS 8.  Your device must have a lightning cable or it won’t work.

2) Connect the lighting cable to Apple’s new OS X Yosemite.  I put the developer preview of Yosemite on a USB 3 jump drive.  Then (in Yosemite) you can take the video directly from your device with no lag using just the quick-time player.  You also need Yosemite to upload the video to iTunes Connect, but first you have to resize it.

3) Apple has a pdf how to do prepare and resize your video with Final Cut Pro (ie: 1200 by 900 for landscape iPad games). There is currently a 30 day trial version if you don’t have the software.

And that’s it.

Soon all apps will have a 15-30 second video in the app store. I just hope Apple updated their servers to handle EVERYONE browsing video after video. This will likely start a new boom in people browsing for apps via the app store. Also it will be a great way for people to share gameplay videos with each other (or developers for bugs) when Yosemite OSX comes out (likely OCT 19, 2014).

So this is epic in more ways than one.  It will be big for for consumers, developers and even online game communities.

I also believe these new App Store video previews will help games with strong gameplay get a bit of a leg-up on the less playable titles.  No longer will a pretty picture be enough.  If you don’t show something real and solid, then people will pass on downloading your app.

Woodie Dovich (snowpunch)

2 responses to “Behold! The new App Store 30 second “Video Previews”.

  1. Hey, I just finished a game online in the Naarden mode and I was taken to a screen to lead into the next game and it seems to just get stuck and I can’t click anything or exit. Am I being dumb or is something not working right? Craig

    • Which version iOS are you on? There is a new update pending in the App Store at the moment that might help. In the meantime try clearing your app from memory. It must be something crazy rare as we have many daily transitions from Naarden battles without any issue.

      Probably better to move this conversation in the musket smoke forum bugs area. We are commenting about this in a blog post on ‘Video Previews’, which is a bit off subject. 🙂

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