New Light Mortar unit for Mini Matches.

Work for update 1.55 might be completed today and will include a unit that should shake things up quite nicely in the mini matches.   The update also includes swapping 2 Naarden battles. Battles 1 and 5 will be swapped, allowing more people to have access to the great Winter Keep battle right from the get-go.


This is the new Light Mortar.  It should help you get closer to defensive players and make aggressive assaults more popular again.  When faced with a defensive stand-off, carefully bring this unit forward to gain some interesting tactical options.

It’s a low damage 2 damage hit (1 for splash) unit, but the thick smoke instantly prevents ranged targeting and so a row of muskets with a cannon behind them should be less intimidating.  Unlike the higher damage Mortar from the Naarden campaign, the Light Mortar’s targeting is is not random so your smoke will always be well placed.


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