The 1.52 update is almost done.

The complete list of things in the 1.52 update.

  • Roster now resets upon hit default.
  • Initial leaderboard scores are no longer zeros.
  • Nobody should be moving your units anymore!
  • Now everyone can have a purple heart!
  • Fixed missing trees on Artillery Delight.
  • Added issue detection code to help keep match integrity.
  • Rare match ACCEPT issues fixed.
  • Players and last move shown in floating notification.
  • Strengthened ‘The Breach’ wall in 4 popular points.
  • Fixed rare issue where you surrender and lose connection (freezes match).
  • Fixed rare issue ‘no moves sent’ and lost connection (freezes match).
  • Offline play with solo maps restored.
  • Invisible unit issue detection added.
  • Typo fixes.
  • No more super rare (score double 8 blue points from a base)
  • Added some minor analytics to help with usability and improvements.
  • Buildings can no longer select adjacent melee targets and attack them!
  • All Time Top Commanders on front page increased to 10.
  • Waking the game no longer rarely disruptive to matches or match lists.
  • Match list loading improvements and fixes.

This was a solid stability update.

The greatness of losing.

I just started a match with this one player that said “I’m here to get killed and learn something!”.  I had to sit back and smile. Unfortunately not very many people have that great of an indomitable spirt and are comfortable to pragmatically pluck techniques and tactics from other players who have simply been playing the game a bit longer.

It’s pretty much the perfect healthy go-getter attitude to have.  If you have children this is how you want them to grow up to be.  Confident when lacking experience or skills and facing unknowns, especially in a competitive environment.

I’m also playing another player who is currently in Japan and kicking my ass.  We are in the 7th battle and I’m just hoping to reduce his overwhelming SF unit advantage.  Luckily I have experience with the big siege battle, but will it help against his elite forces?  I believe the new weaker splash damage from the ballistic artillery will make this battle a little more even.

Musket Smoke is an endless smorgasbord of tactical learning and positional tactics.  It was designed to encourage creative tactical thinking.  There is simply no quicker way to learn the game than by losing.  Most of my best moves were learned from others who could initially rip through me like a tornado.  I lost those battles and loved every minute of it.  It was like plucking deadly knowledge from a wisdom tree!

Musket Smoke was deliberately designed to be eternal and endless in learning.  You learn faster from losing than winning so technically you really have nothing to lose at all.  In the old days you had to ‘pay’ for the opportunity to play others from around the world.  Now you can press one button and boom, your fighting someone from China, US, Hungary, Japan, UK, Australia or the Nederlands.  It’s amazing really.  Chances are they are new just like you and just as apprehensive.  For me nothing is better than fighting a few international conflicts at home on the couch with the help of a donut and a coffee.


I will try and make a daily blog posting from this point on.  Like most indie devs I can lose myself in the code and the play testing and sometimes forget about the who we are doing all this for.  Sharing is important and helps build the MS community.


Online part of Musket Smoke 2 has now entered beta testing.

However, the Single Player Campaign is still has a ways to go.

For the online matches the maps are all biggish.  They are single battles much like mini matches but with different scoring and in campaign mode, with the full gauntlet of units (and artillery) in a line of sight (LOS) environment.

I’ll report back later on what the testers think of the new online battles.

Nooo.. don’t run North with your 3 Siege Cannons!

Note the 1.5 changes to “Cannon Showdown” (previously known as ‘Cannon Run”).

The 4th battle in the online Naarden Campaign is quite a bit different now.  I’ve updated the blog post under strategy for those interested.  The gist though is that there are no more waypoints.  The battle is now just a 3 on 3 cannon showdown.  So you don’t have to move your cannons to a northern waypoint.  You just have to kill and survive.  Also note that Siege cannons can now move into a ZOC and use grapeshot.

I’ve modified the 4th campaign battle strategy post here if you want to read the updated post.

If you want to know more about the latest rule changes and features of Musket Smoke try reading the new manual. There are lots of good visuals to help explain things.

No 5 star ratings scandal here!

Unlike some game companies (cough.. EA, Zynga) snowpunch doesn’t scam for ratings. There are no popups to annoy you or suggestions about how many stars you should award or any of that kind of shenanigans.

However, we do deeply appreciate getting your approval and the app does need your support. If you have already rated or reviewed Musket Smoke then your matches should reflect that by displaying the purple heart.

How do I get the purple heart you say? Easy! Just hit the heart on the main screen and hit the YES button.

the purple heart

Technically the star is acknowledgement for your feedback and support of the latest version ie: right now that’s 1.51, but if you have already shown support for Musket Smoke then you should grab that purple heart right now!

As a player though, when I come across another player who has the purple heart I find the show of support.. well heartwarming.

Again, if you have already rated Musket Smoke or given a review, you don’t have to do so again.  Just hit YES to the dialog that you will rate the app and then ignore where it takes you.  None of this is verified or checked.  If you are against the idea of rating or reviewing an app, you are free to say YES and then do nothing.  I’m also just glad to see any player with a purple heart as even just as ‘sign’ of community support.  Once again, the rating/review parts are both completely optional.

For those of you who DO like rating and reviewing you will be happy to know that you can do so each time there is a new update.

The great ones are starting to show up.

On the front page of Musket Smoke we show the top 7 for both Naarden Matches and Mini Matches. (It shows up after a few seconds delay)

Top ELO scores

Anyone how completes a random match will get some ELO points and move up. The full list is in the Leaderboards, but if you just want to see who the top 7 players are (who posted in the last 7 days) then the you don’t have to do a thing. Just goto the start page and look see for yourself.

Musket Smoke Top 7 ELO scores.

For more details look under “Leaderboards and Scoring” in the manual.

2 reasons to not delete that finished Musket Smoke match.

So you destroyed that Commander or lost a battle on Musket Bridge. The match is over so why would you keep the game list item around?

There are two good reasons.

1) The Re-Match button only exists on finished matches.
2) You can learn from the battle via the ‘full replay’.

Now most of the time these finished matches are trash-worthy, but there are a few that have distinct value. For example for ELO points matches must be RANDOM. Say you want another fight against ‘tin bucket’ and don’t want to wait for ages for another lucky random matchup.

Rematch button displayed in a completed match.

By using the ‘Re-match’ button you can continue a series ELO scoring ‘random games’ with 1 person. After you make the new match though, you can then delete the completed match unless there was some ‘full replay’ content that you wanted to re-visit before deleting.