Results of the in-game MS improvement survey.

It was just one question.  You can only select one answer from multiple choices and the results were interesting.

What do you want?  (for Musket Smoke)

The answers were: more maps, better maps, more units per map, bigger maps, iPhone/universal, more unit types, better solo play, more online players, more polish & fixed.

New players were all about more unit types (and a bit of improved solo play).  I guess a persons first impression is to expect more unit types than just the base 4 that you see in the solo training and Mini Match areas. Well if you buy the full multiplayer you get more unit types, so that’s probably why it was rarely chosen outside of the new player group.

Intermediate players (30-200 pies, otherwise known internally as Vets) were mainly all about maps.  Bigger, better, and more of them.  So I’m glad I did that recent map refresh that improved a bunch of maps and converted a small map into a really big one.

Elite players (200+) pies, were not particularly focused on anything. It was an even distribution across the whole range.

Not one person selected iPhone (universal) though.  That was a bit interesting to me. Wouldn’t you like to play a few rounds on the road once in a while?  I have prototyped iPhone behaviour in testing and I found it awesome to get battle reports on your phone and sometimes play a round or two when you are out and about.

These answers will help with Musket Smoke 2 (which is already on the right track with those answers), and may also help focus efforts when I get to minor updates for Musket Smoke Classic.

In a future update I might repeat the same survey just to confirm the answer selections, or possibly try a new question.


Woodie Dovich

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