Growing and protecting the Musket Smoke community.

Now that we have a community, it only makes sense to try to protect and grow it.

First we need more members.  I’m doing my part with updates, and making MS2 which should redirect attention back to MS Classic.  Plus some upcoming PR efforts.  Your part is to play lots of random matches for ELO points, and to rate and review each update.  If we both do our parts, the community will grow.  The heart button will animate mildly after each new update as a subtile reminder that you could be helping Musket Smoke grow (if you want to).

That’s not all though.  I’m thinking we need some special scoring rules to help prevent cheating and also to help the new fledgling players from getting turned into gore piles.  We need to protect our new players, or they will leave us and join some ‘other games’ community.

The recent ‘new player zone’ is a small temporary bandaid for that effort.

So here are some ideas that we can ponder over.

1) Elites can not score ELO points from Newbies.

2) The 3 in a row rule.  You can only score ELO points on someone 3 times in a row, if you have a winning streak that goes to 4 wins then the 4th win doesn’t count as ELO points.  This will reduce some forms of cheating and also prevent abusing re-match with a weaker opponent.  This is not to be confused with a winning streak in general, it only pertains to the last 4 matches vs a specific person.

3) You get 2 yellow points for every rout (until) you become elite. Elite players only get 1 yellow per rout.  This will help keep the Elite from slaughtering too much, and also help new good players catch up in the ELO rankings quicker.  It will help give newer players more chances to win if they play well.  This might not go over well with some people so this risky rule might not happen.  The majority of elites would have to agree to this first.  Another possibility is to just limit double yellow scoring to Newbies.

4) Extend the newbie save zone from 30 to 50 pies.  (this will ‘likely’ happen)

5) Make a Vet safe zone (from 50-100 pies) that just allows vets only (no elites or newbies), ‘random opponent’ will still be default though.  (possible but we need increase the size of the community first.)

6) (Possible future idea, don’t expect this year)  A public bulletin board.  A global chat.  Where you can chat and also post any round (from full replay) that anyone can see and chat about.

7) A map maker tool that allows you to make ‘mirror maps’ (same on both sides) and play them with random people.

8) Can put your custom maps up publicly for everyone to use.

There is a chance that I may not do most of these things.  At this point these are just some ideas to think about as the community grows.  I would have to see significant community growth for the custom map and bulletin board tasks.  If you really want to push these advanced features forward then try to spread the word about Musket Smoke.  Help this game have the ability to properly pay the developer (me) for the extra work.


Woodie Dovich

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