Musket Smoke update 1.53 was uploaded.

There were a couple things with the update that caused a delay, but it’s all good now.  

This update refreshes 80% of the Mini Maps with adjustments and in one case a complete map replacement.  The new player zones are experimental.  I hope they work out.  It’s always risky to split players into groups.

Just don’t forget that ‘Random Opponent’ should be the most popular group.   The ‘new user safe zone’, and the ‘elite zone’ might be a bit slow initially so maybe toss a random match in and if you don’t get a bite, try the normal ‘Random Opponent’ group instead.  All 3 levels of players can enter the ‘Random Opponent’ area so it should be the most popular.

If this works out the transition people have from new to intermediate and advanced should be a ‘bit’ smoother and more fun.  At the very least new players can be comforted to know that their opponents will have the same experience level as themselves.

My hope is that the elite players (200 or more pies) use the ‘Elite Zone’ at least half the time.  This will allow the intermediates (30-200 pies) more opportunities to fight among themselves.

Players above 30 pies (points) will not be able to enter the ‘new player zone’. They can’t even see it.  It is a true safety zone.

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