The 1.53 update – more than just bug fixes.

I think it will be completed tomorrow.   After looking at some analytics I figured out a few things that just needed to happen.  For one, I want to change the daily process of the vets turning all the new players into gore piles before they have a chance to really get into the game.  I’m not trying to take away everyones favourite pastime here. (Or maybe I am?) Regardless, to make up for taking away some of the easy low hanging fruit I decided to offer vets their own little club as well.  So now Random Mini match-ups have 3 different possibilities.

  1. The normal ‘Random Opponent’ option.
  2. The ‘New Player Zone’ (only available to those with less than 30 pies).
  3. The ‘Random Elite Club’ (you need 200 pies, basically Captain or greater) to matchup here.

new matchup zones

So something for everyone.

But that’s not all.  Two Mini Match maps will also be refurbished.  The small one and the one with walls.  There has been some complaints about these maps as being unbalanced and the wall one is also a bit too slow and defensive.  I will make them bigger and more tactically interesting.

Other than that the update will also finally address the ‘no moves’ bug once and for all.  Plus a few other bug fixes as well and minor adjustments.   It should be a good update.

3 responses to “The 1.53 update – more than just bug fixes.

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  2. Sounds like a good pie point cutoff level for the n(.)(.)bies, but not too sure why the elite level? Seems like once you have played a little, then anymore protection might just be too much. But then again 200 pie points/slices ain’t that far away. The mini mini map redo sounds good but even better is that damn broken fort with the ramps. Didn’t realize that is what they were at first, cannon can shoot just about everywhere and got my arse handed to me in no time (arnim of course). Keep on keeping on!

  3. The 200 for elite is just an option for those interested. It’s also something others can work towards. The side effect will be a few less elite killing the intermediate players. So in effect 3 zones for 3 levels of experience.

    Actually I’m modifying almost every map a bit. The changes should help make things feel fresh for the older players and a bit easier for the newer ones.

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