New insights help development

Amazingly fast update.  I uploaded 1.52 and went to sleep.  The next day in the afternoon I was playing in a coffee-shop when suddenly I saw the ‘need to update’ message. Last time it was 8 days before it went into the App Store so this was quite nice.

I’m starting to develop a sort of ‘stream view’ of the app as the analytics kick in.  It’s sort of like a time laps video of people flowing by a single car with some who get inside and sit for a while, while others hover around it and kick the tires.  Others touch it once and move on.  I was completely in the dark before but now I’m getting a sense of things.  For example now I know 26% of new mini matches created are map number 1.  Since there are 10 maps it should be 10% and so now I know that this is something I should address in an update.

Likewise with analytics I can now find out how balanced the ‘first mover’ situation is.  So over time we can see the first mover wins more than 50% of the time.  If so we can do things to address this like disable 5 of the units in the first round for the person that creates the match.

Musket Smoke is a bit of a trailblazer app for snowpunch.  It’s like that first soldier throwing himself upon the barbed wire so that other snowpunch apps can walk over him and go further.

It’s not just analytics I’m talking about here but just basic well known stats. For example, 90% of turn based players prefer to play single player rather than multiplayer.

Learning from all the mistakes that Musket Smoke did, will help Musket Smoke 2 all the more. In the process, this will also draw more players back to Musket Smoke classic.

MS2 will have a single player campaign.  Don’t worry it will also have online matches as well, but this single player campaign will give something huge that MS Classic never did well.  That is, provide tactical training in a gradual manner, followed by a fantastically fun and random single player battle experience with an ongoing story.  The solo campaign will have a LOT of replay value but the online matches will help and for those new players that can’t get enough, they can look back to Musket Smoke classic and get another blast of of pleasure as they discover the online campaign and mini matches.

Musket Smoke 2 will be a normal paid app and will be universal.  Those that want to try before they buy will also be drawn to Musket Smoke Classic as a sampler app.  So this will help add new players to both apps and is pretty much ideal as MS1 and MS2 are not competing apps.  They are more like 2 apps in a collectors series, as they each have ‘different’ features.

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