How to properly end a match early.

Say you have fallen behind with no hope of making a comeback in a casual mini match.

What should you do?

You should use the white flag and surrender to your opponent.  This will score the full points and if it was a competitive ELO match you will still get your 1 point for participating.

Some players feel differently about this subject.  Some feel the decent thing to do is to keep on going and let your opponent keeping grinding you into the dirt until the the very end.  Others actually feel this is un-sportsman like and don’t like you waisting time – for both of you.  They would prefer to get the win early and move on to the next match.  Myself – I can go both ways but tend to agree with the latter.

Also don’t forget about the TRUCE option.  If both sides seem like they are unwilling to advance and fight because doing so will mean the other side will definitely win, then you have a stalemate and one of you should suggest a TRUCE.  You will both get 1 ELO point (if it’s a competitive match) and you can move on to other more glorious matches.

The WRONG WAY to quit a match is to just delete it from the games list item.  Doing so is not a surrender but a brutal yank that denies both sides any points at all (with the exception of the pie points earned each round). It instantly deletes the app on your end and, and your opponent sees a DEAD MATCH that they can not open.  Why is this so brutal?  It’s there for in case one player is abusive and a way to say ‘I don’t want to play with you any more’.  It’s almost a slap in the face.  If you say something in chat and then delete the match your opponent will not see anything or read anything (we don’t want to encourage bad words both ways).  If the match somehow got corrupt then tell your opponent that you will ‘force delete’ the match and wait for a response before doing so.  Otherwise your opponent will not get that final message and may not want to play with you anymore.

In the campaign you can also ‘fall back’ if you are losing badly. Don’t feel hesitant to do so.  If you can’t win then fall back and do both yourself and your opponent a favour and move on to the next battle.  This is the decent thing to do (and safer for your SF units).  The campaign is a big match and doesn’t need any extra grinding.

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