The 1.52 update is almost done.

The complete list of things in the 1.52 update.

  • Roster now resets upon hit default.
  • Initial leaderboard scores are no longer zeros.
  • Nobody should be moving your units anymore!
  • Now everyone can have a purple heart!
  • Fixed missing trees on Artillery Delight.
  • Added issue detection code to help keep match integrity.
  • Rare match ACCEPT issues fixed.
  • Players and last move shown in floating notification.
  • Strengthened ‘The Breach’ wall in 4 popular points.
  • Fixed rare issue where you surrender and lose connection (freezes match).
  • Fixed rare issue ‘no moves sent’ and lost connection (freezes match).
  • Offline play with solo maps restored.
  • Invisible unit issue detection added.
  • Typo fixes.
  • No more super rare (score double 8 blue points from a base)
  • Added some minor analytics to help with usability and improvements.
  • Buildings can no longer select adjacent melee targets and attack them!
  • All Time Top Commanders on front page increased to 10.
  • Waking the game no longer rarely disruptive to matches or match lists.
  • Match list loading improvements and fixes.

This was a solid stability update.

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