Nooo.. don’t run North with your 3 Siege Cannons!

Note the 1.5 changes to “Cannon Showdown” (previously known as ‘Cannon Run”).

The 4th battle in the online Naarden Campaign is quite a bit different now.  I’ve updated the blog post under strategy for those interested.  The gist though is that there are no more waypoints.  The battle is now just a 3 on 3 cannon showdown.  So you don’t have to move your cannons to a northern waypoint.  You just have to kill and survive.  Also note that Siege cannons can now move into a ZOC and use grapeshot.

I’ve modified the 4th campaign battle strategy post here if you want to read the updated post.

If you want to know more about the latest rule changes and features of Musket Smoke try reading the new manual. There are lots of good visuals to help explain things.

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