No 5 star ratings scandal here!

Unlike some game companies (cough.. EA, Zynga) snowpunch doesn’t scam for ratings. There are no popups to annoy you or suggestions about how many stars you should award or any of that kind of shenanigans.

However, we do deeply appreciate getting your approval and the app does need your support. If you have already rated or reviewed Musket Smoke then your matches should reflect that by displaying the purple heart.

How do I get the purple heart you say? Easy! Just hit the heart on the main screen and hit the YES button.

the purple heart

Technically the star is acknowledgement for your feedback and support of the latest version ie: right now that’s 1.51, but if you have already shown support for Musket Smoke then you should grab that purple heart right now!

As a player though, when I come across another player who has the purple heart I find the show of support.. well heartwarming.

Again, if you have already rated Musket Smoke or given a review, you don’t have to do so again.  Just hit YES to the dialog that you will rate the app and then ignore where it takes you.  None of this is verified or checked.  If you are against the idea of rating or reviewing an app, you are free to say YES and then do nothing.  I’m also just glad to see any player with a purple heart as even just as ‘sign’ of community support.  Once again, the rating/review parts are both completely optional.

For those of you who DO like rating and reviewing you will be happy to know that you can do so each time there is a new update.

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