Oops! Musket Smoke 1.51 submitted to the App store.

There were a few issues with the mega 1.5 update.

I swear we tested for weeks, but we also kept adding more features. The side effect of that is usually more bugs. Finally 1.5 really seemed stable but a few of our ‘heavy duty’ live players found some things that needed some attention.

Issues were reported in the morning.  It’s now the evening of the same day and the 1.51 update has already been uploaded to Apple.  How’s that for speedy service? (ok, it’s 12:06, but I didn’t sleep yet so it’s still the same day.)

• Fixed the rare ‘no moves sent’ bug. Added emergency fail-safe regardless.
• Match state (‘play’, ‘wait’) is now checked on the fly when you open a match.
• Fixed LOS issues with full replay.
• LOS now hides stuff when a unit is killed in a replay.
• Removed auto-run-match-from-lock-screen feature. It had issues.
• Map names (when loading) now have a shadow to better contrast with backgrounds.

So probably a week. Then we will be all good. In the meantime I recommend to avoid using the ‘launch match from lockscreen’ feature.


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