22 things I like about the 1.5 Mega update!

1) The Naarden Spy Report.
2) A freaking awesome Manual.
3) Expert Mode. (experts will love this full screen speed boost)
4) Preview damage with live context info in the top bar.
5) Social features: ELO like Leaderboards, name ranking (achievements), stars & hearts plus a larger chat window.
6) The new rules ( Rally, no size limit on causing morale hits, better balanced units)
7) The new Mini Match Leader matches.
8) The next button (you will know when you see it).
9) The Mini Match TRUCE button (a white flag option).
10) New app POLISH and stability. Nice loader and map name display.
11) The lost connection auto recovery system. PLAY, WAIT, re-SEND.
12) The RE-MATCH button.
13) FULL SCREEN. Plus top bar buttons no longer hangs over the map.
14) The 2 new Mini Match maps (for full multiplayer).
15) GREEN STAR – lets you know who can create special matches for you.
16) Naarden scenario or map adjustments.
17) Mini Match random start sides.
18) The new EXACT MOVE PATH to help with ZOC concepts. (Previous smooth PATH is still an option)
19) App stability, bug fixes, gameplay ui and memory improvements.
20) The top 7 Mini Match players and the top 7 Naarden Commanders on the Start page. These legendary players will become household names as they will be on everyones start page. Woe to he who randomly falls upon their war paths!
21) The chat preview notification. You can tap on the left of the game list item or it runs automatically when you start a match.
22) The purple heart.

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