$50 (make that $30) Musket Smoke tournament! Sign up on Pocket Tactics forums!

$50 Musket Smoke tournament in Pocket Tactics forums!

$15 prize for the tactical champ.  $10 bucks for second place, and $5 bucks for third place.

Go here to sign up or see more details!


This is “Cold Mountain” the second map in the tournament.


And ‘Open Field” is the first map.


The points are added together (0-20) and then the elimination rounds are all campaign matches.  With lowest points coupled with highest points.  (Like hockey playoffs).  Second and further campaign elimination rounds are coupled by who is finished and waiting.

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 12.02.09 PM

The tournament is now locked in.  No more entries will be accepted.

Take a look at the action here on Pocket Tactics.


An example campaign progress update graphic.


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