A Cold Week In Naarden – battle tips #2 – The Bridge.

A Cold Week In Naarden – battle tips #2 – The Bridge.

I’ve been in quite a few campaign battles. I’ve seen a lot of successes and fails with these missions. Here is a quick run-through of what works and what doesn’t with these 8 battles.

Battle 2 – The Bridge.

This battle is a real meat grinder.  I usually have mild successes by sending 3-4 cavalry after the opponent mortar.  Usually after I make a big show of crossing the river with the brunt of my forces – usually a faint – and I just come back to my own side.  Sometimes this gets your opponent commander to commit too much to one side and leaves their howitzer a little too undefended.


I have also had success with putting a strong formation just across the river as an attention magnet.  That is a triangle of 3 pikes in formation.  When you do this they become immune to morale hits and attacks do not break the formation.  It makes for a great distraction because if they ignore it you can move your porcupine gradually towards the howitzer.  But DO NOT do this if you are within range of the howitzer.  The howitzer will do double damage (6) to units in formation. That said, a strong formation is a great way to get Cavalry to stop bothering you.

So other than those two obvious moves, and baring any mistakes by either commander – it’s just a gradual game of trying to take less damage per round than your opponent.  Hence the meat grinder.

This is a good map for ‘walking the commander’ along the front lines.  That is, gradually moving your commander along behind a row of units locked with the enemy (or in the water).  If you gradually walk your commander along this line you can have a +1 attack bonus as your men are inspired by his presence.  This can give half a dozen units a +1 if setup right or you have the space.  You do this by moving just one or two hexes with  the commander and then attacking with the inspired units.  Then you move your commander again to inspire the next two or three units.  Just one of the regular duties of your commander (or any leader unit).


So I usually do a faint, then send almost too many to go kill the howitzer and try to hold off the enemy with just my commander the howitzer and a few good units.  The tactical options are a bit limited on this map.  But it’s often an exciting fight with both howitzers moving towards each other and lots of men between it gradually becomes more and more intense.

In a couple dozen battles on this map I have seen a howitzer get put on the bridge once or twice.  The rest of the time it’s a howitzer kill or fallback by one of the Commanders.

It seems like a good map to do some manoeuvring and then trap the opponent commander between forces.  Nobody ever does that though, including myself.

Next Battle – The wheat fields.

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