Musket Smoke – a new style of wargaming.

Musket Smoke was released – finally.

iTunes Link:

This is a fast-paced (and bloody) tactical turn-based game inspired by Napoleonic warfare. It’s a frantic battle between two commander units as they constantly try to maneuver forces around each other.

This game was designed ground up specifically for the iPad and and features a unique engaging UI experience that is a blast to play with.

When units lock in melee they become ‘dramatically’ vulnerable to flanking units, musket fire, and mass death from cavalry charges and various styles of gory artillery hits.

Position and movement is everything, even angles of fire are important as you need to prevent friendly fire (when possible).

– Competitive online turn based (async).
– Local pass n play.
– Solo training skirmish maps with AI.
– Full replay (for online games)
– Player to Player message.
– Tutorials and Videos
– Online campaign – mega match.

The actual gameplay is simple, but there is no end to the depth.

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